The mathematician pictured is Euclid. We are studying Euclidean Geometry. An oldie , but a goodie!

Below are helpful websites for Geometry Class.
Simplifying Radicals Go here for Review
Worksheet on Radicals- download and do it!
Link for Fractal lab​

tal Lab Handout - Internet Packet 
Fractal POP Up Rubric  

Volume of  Pop Up Packet
Explore Circles - Math openref
Ceva's Theorem- Really cool! And a proof too!   2nd Proof- link
Ratios and the Right Triangle-demo & worksheet
Circles : Coordinate Geometry & Euclidean
Quadratic-Linear Systems-review
Math Worksheets To Go-Radicals-this includes You Tube Videos
Volumes and Surface Area
LearnZillion - All 3 dim figures video and lessons
Friday 10/12
XL skills : L1-L9, E4,E6, B1-B9

and READ Fermat's Least Time Article​​